Tomaso Aste UCL

Tomaso is a statistical physicist who is interested in understanding and modeling complex, internetworked systems such as financial, economic and biological systems. His research is data-driven and concerns data analytics, information filtering, complex dynamics and complex structures. He is head of the Financial Computing and Analytics Group at UCL-Computer Science, which is devoted to fostering cutting-edge innovation for future digital economy. The group collaborates with most major financial institutions and with a large number of start-ups and businesses often created by UCL students.

Prior to UCL, Tomaso was associate professor at the School of Physics, University of Kent (2009-2012) and before that at the Department of Applied Mathematics at The Australian National University (2002-2009). Tomaso is also Programme director of the MSc in Financial Risk Management, Vice Director of the Centre for doctoral Training in Financial Computing & Analytics, member of the board of the ESRC funded LSE-UCL Systemic Risk Centre, editor of a few journals, and consultant for several companies in the FinTech and digital economy area.