Ian Grigg

Ian has 20 years of experience in the cryptocurrency business, having started in 1995 with Ricardo, a system to issue and trade any asset class.

He is the inventor of the Ricardian Contract ( www.iang.org/papers/ricardian_contract.html ), the standard way in which a legal or prose contract is locked into a digital payments system.  He is also a co-inventor of triple entry accounting ( http://www.iang.org/papers/triple_entry.html ), an idea that uses cryptographically signed instructions to allow safe sharing of relationships between companies.  Bitcoin took triple entry to the next level by replacing the trusted third party with a peer consensus signature over instructions, thus presenting the first fully deployed triple entry system.

His most recent work is using cryptocurrencies to formalise the savings of Kenyan savings groups.  His blog http://financialcryptography.com/ has a wealth of commentary on the topic.