Andrew Colosimo Huntercoin

Andrew is an Information Technologist and serial entrepreneur. Largely self taught Andrew helped to pioneer the real world trade in virtual world objects within massively multiplayer online role playing games starting with Everquest in 2000. After a number of successful business endeavours, Andrew, operating under the pseudonym of ‘Snailbrain’ became a significant contributor to the first major alternative cryptocurrency and innovative application of blockchain technology, Namecoin. In 2013 Andrew invented and developed arguably one of the most innovative applications of blockchain technology, Huntercoin, in which a massively multiplayer strategy game is intrinsically integrated within the blockchain. This achieved a number of World firsts including; the first cryptocurrency game (a new genre) and the first truly decentralised massively multiplayer online game. Andrew has plans to transform his experiment with Huntercoin into a new game changing genre of computer games all based upon blockchain technology.