Daniel Hassan Robin Hood Coop

Daniel Hassan (UK|GUY) is a community organiser and computer engineer. He has been active in autonomous co-operatives for over a decade, specifically in areas of economics (Rootstock, Robin Hood), housing (Radical Routes), food (Food not Bombs), migration (No Borders), labour (Footprint Workers Coop) and social centres around the UK and Australia. He has a particular interest in how people collectively self-determine their own living and working conditions. Daniel is currently an engineer with Robin Hood Minor Asset Management, an activist hedge fund that uses financial technologies to democratise finance, expand financial inclusion and generate new economic spaces. Through analysis of big data, development of algorithms, and deployment of web-based technologies such as blockchains Robin Hood aims to compose new financial instruments that can help to redistribute common wealth among groups committed to political, economic and social change. In his collaboration with Robin Hood he recently co-founded the Member Market, a service built on blockchain allowing members of Robin Hood to trade shares, bringing liquidity and easy auditing to the co-operative system.