Simon Lelieveldt Banking consultant

Simon Lelieveldt (1965) is an Industrial Engineer, with extensive experience in the Banking and Payments sector. He has worked both as a banker (ING/Postbank), bank supervisor (De Nederlandsche Bank) and at the Dutch Bankers’ Association (Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken).

Simon was closely involved in the supervision of e-money and development of EU-directives such as the e-money directive and the Payment Services Directive and authored the first SEPA-programme plan (for the Netherlands). He acted as head of the department on bank supervision and financial markets at the Dutch Bankers’ Association when the financial crisis developed.

At present Simon acts as a strategic consultant and interim-compliance manager for trade bodies,financial institutions, Fintech startups and complementary currency/loyalty schemes. He focuses on matching the regulatory framework with the desired business design. Since 2001 he maintains a weblog on payments and money to track the market and supervisory developments.