Robert Sams Clearmatics

Robert is a former hedge fund manager and macro specialist with over 11-years experience in the industry. He has helped to launch two hedge funds, and successfully ran short-term interest rate trading strategies in G10 markets, with a focus on policy actions of the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, European Central Bank, Swiss National Bank, and the Bank of Canada. Robert was a pioneer in developing central bank policy probability-extraction models using interest rate derivatives, as well as Libor/FedFunds spread models that he developed years before these became popular after the 2008 funding crises. \setlength{\parindent}{15pt}

A long-time critic of central bank interest rate targeting, Robert has a passion for challenging assumptions in monetary theory and has been following digital and alternative currencies since his student days, when he first first learned of David Chaum’s work, and has been involved in the cryptocurrency scene since discovering Bitcoin in 2011. He has worked with the Ethereum project on protocol design decisions around transaction fees, and is the innovator of the dual-currency “seigniorage shares” model for next-generation cryptocurrency protocols. Robert is frequently invited to speak at conferences, and his ideas on cryptocurrency and other monetary issues have been covered by FT Alphaville, Business Insider, MarginalRevolution, and others.

During his trading career, Robert developed and coded his own quantitative models and is an avid programmer in LISP-like languages. A believer in open sourcing financial software, in his spare time Robert developed and open-sourced Rbbg, a library that is popular among financial quants who use the R language with the Bloomberg data API.