Henning Diedrich IBM

Henning is Cloudant core database programmer for IBM Analytics and works at the Ethereum Dev office in Berlin.

Henning took part in the Ethereum DevCon 0 and will take part in the inaugural event of the Cryptocurrency Research Group, as acting Liaison for the IBM ADEPT project.

Henning is the creator of the Erlang VoltDB driver Erlvolt and a maintainer of the Erlang MySQL driver Emysql. His Open Source contributions for Erlang, Lua, MySQL, and VoltDB are direct results of what pieces he found missing for a better game server stack.

Starting out on a 1MHz CPU, Henning’s special interests tend to be speed and scale as enablers. He has talked about evil performance hacks at the annual Lua Workshop, about his record-setting Node.js VoltDB benchmark, and was elected to explain “Why Erlang?” to the game developer community at the GDC Online 2012 (15.000 hits on slideshare).